Our Partners

Adivasi Gaota: organizes adivasis and mine workers for a healthy living
Akhan Publisher: publishes progressive books
Acupuncture Association of India: popularizes acupuncture treatment
Amader Haspatal: catering low cost hospital services to poor people of Chatna, Bankura
Bangiyo Bignan Parishad (bijnan_parishad@ rediffmail.com): working on people’s science movement
Bharatiyo Bignan O Juktibadi Samity (debasis_rationalist@rediffmail.com): working on science, rationalism and logic
Bhumodhosagar:  trimonthly literary magazine
Bigwan Manashka:
championing science among students and common  people
Bigwan O Chetana:
propagating science and rationality and conserve environment
Bigwan O Sanskriti Sanstha:
propagating science and rationality and conserve environment
Bigwaner Darbare:
propagating science and rationality and conserve environment
Bigyan Anneswak:
science based magazine, Ph: 947-433-0092,
Cholo Beriye Ashi (prabirchandrabasu54@gmail.com): magazine on nature and travel
Coochbehar Bignan Chetana Forum (acnbu13 @gmail.com): working on people’s science movement
Chakdah Bigwan O Sanskritik Sanstha: propagating science and rationality and conserve environment
Chargjapad: publishes progressive books
progressive children magazine
multifaceted work on capacity building of health and social workers
DRCSC: works on organic farming, training, IEC, publication etc.
Durbar Bhabna, Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee  and Usha Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited  (smarajitjana@gmail.com): working on emancipation of commercial sex workers
popular social magazine
Ekushe: publishes progressive books

Forum Against Monopolist Aggression (FAMA)
Forum for Indigenous Agricultural Movement (FIAM): encourages and develops eco-friendly organic farming and distribution
Forum for People’s Health: works for people’s health
Foundation of Health Action:
works for people’s health
Ghum Nei: Literary magazine and cultural and social initiative
Gobardanga Gabeshana Parishad (dipakdan@gmail.com): working on people’s science movement
pioneer on body and eye donation after death, works on science and rationality
plat form for progressive debate, runs a magazine
Health Service Association:
An organization of government doctors in West Bengal not affiliated to any political party
Jal Jangale (hironmoymaity@gmail.com): magazine on nature and environment
Jalpaiguri Science and Nature Club (rajarouthbhbl@gmail.com): working on science and nature
Janoswasthya Abhijan: works for people’s health, All India Network.
Janaswasthya Committee: works for people’s health
Juktibadi Sanskritik Sanastha (
www.jss-canning.org): works on science, health, rationality and conservation on nature. Commendable works on snakes and snake bite management
KATHA: A popular socio-cultural and literary magazine published by Indian Railways Employees
Kalodhoni: Literary magazine
Kolkata Bignan O Sanskritik Sanstha (99831693038): working on people’s science movement
Liver Foundation:
Prevention, treatment and research on health problems mainly gastro-enterology. Trains village practitioners on scientific medical management
social science magazine
Medical Service Centre:
works for people’s health
Medico Friend Circle:
works for people’s health, All India Network
Nagarik Mancha:
works on different citizens’ issues and democratic rights
socio-cultural magazine

Pavlov Research Institute (www.pavlovinstitutekolkata.org): people oriented psychiatry treatment centre
People’s for Health Care: works for people’s health
Pratapdighi Lokbignan Sanstha, Purba Medinipur (maityjoydev49@gmail.com): working on people’s science movement
PPBS: publishes progressive books
Radical Impression: publishes progressive books
Rational Medicine Network (www.rationalmedicine.net)
Resurrection: developing and distributing organic products
works on preservation of occupational health in mines and industries
Samikshan: science magazine
Shahid Haspatal:
catering low cost hospital services to workers, peasants , adivasis and  other needy people in Chhattisgarh
Science Association of Bengal, The (sabsrc@yahoo.co.in): working on people’s science movement
Sramajibee Haspatals:
catering low cost hospital services to poor people
Sramajibi Swasthya:
magazine on  workers’ health
Sramajibi Swasthya Udyog:
catering low cost hospital services to poor people and conducts health education
Swasther Britye:
magazine on  health
Tagore Society:
social service, health, alternative economy, small industry
Tiger Widows of Sundarbans:
social service in Sundarban, Nakula Jana, Ph- +91 98364 77465, www.tigerwidows.intigerwidows.sunderban@gmail.com
Tribeni Juktibadi Samity (sunilmistri33@gmail.com): working on rationalism
Utsha Manush (
www.utsamanush.com): magazine on science, rationality and logic
Uttar Dakshin:
literary and cultural magazine
Vaskar Rao (Dr.) Janaswasthya Committee: health care to people with supply of drugs at reasonable price

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