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Nov 13, 2016

One Day Science Conference

Bigyan Anneswak

Joydev Dey,  ph. 947-433-0092,

Oct 4, 2016

Abani Ghosh Memorial seminars, discussions on Snakes.

Joydev Dey,  ph. 947-433-0092,

Sep 25, 2016

Where There Are No Doctors

Arun Sen,  Ph: 9153765161; 9732680554

Sep 18, 2016

Inaguration of Kopai Sramajibee Hospital, Kopai, Birbhum

Aug 28, 2016

SSU Meeting Please come to our next General Meeting will be held on 27.08.2016.

Contact: or 98-3005-8547

Aug 27, 2016 SSU Seminar: BMPEU Hall (George Bhaban), Kolkata…

  1. The need of Scientific and Rational Mind in Present Situation (01.00 p.m to 03.00 p.m)
  2. The role of an organ in a diverse and fragmented society (03.00 05.00 p.m)

    Contact: or 98-3005-8547
    Click here for Invitation of 27 Aug’16 SSU Meet

August 3-13, 2016

3 Seminars Organised by Bigyan Anneswak

Nuclear Plants & Alternatives – Aug 13, 2016

Nagasaki-Aug 9, 2016

Hiroshima-Aug 6, 2016

Jul 10, 2016 Universal Health Care: An Affordable Dream at WBVHA Tower, Near Ruby Hospital, Kolkata.
Contact: Dr. Punyobrata Gun at 98-309-22194 or Dr. Sanjib Mukhopadhay

You are cordially invited to a whole day discussion on 10.07.2016 from 10 am to 4 pm on “Universal Health Care: An Affordable Dream”.

As the WBVHA 1st floor is unavailable on that day, we will meet in the ground floor hall which acomodates only 50 persons.

Hence we are restricting the program to doctors and organiser health activists only.

Please ring Dr. Punyobrata Gun to 9830922194, as we will arrange for lunch.

Jun 19, 2016

New health unit in Bali Island by SSH
Bali Island, Block Gosaba, District S 24 Parganas

Sundarban Sramajibee Haspatal, which was developed with the labour and expertise from the peasants, workers, teachers, students and pro-people doctors and health personnel at Sarberia, north 24 Parganas and which has been serving to the people of Sarberia and adjacent areas about two decades among all odds with its own strength, now would like to venture to serve the people of the remote and challenged Bali Island, the last human inhabited island in between rivers Vidya, Gomor and Durgaduyani south to Gosaba town, by developing a small sustainable unit there at Birajanagar involving the local volunteers. It will be inaugurated on 19 June 2016. You are cordially invited there and requested to support the cause by any means.

Route: Kolkata to Gadkhali Ghat by bus or other vehicles or up to Canning by train and then up to Gadkhali by bus or other vehicle. From Gadkhali to Bali by boat or Gadkhali to Gosaba by ferry boat then Vano and ferry boat.

Contact: Sri Arun Sen, Ph: 09732680554

Jun 18, 2016 Environment and Waste: Organized by Bigyan Anneswak.

Environment and Waste-June 18, 2016

Jun 5, 2016

Environment Day – A seminar organized by Bigyan Anneswak

Environment Day-June 5, 2016

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