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Health-Dengue Fever: How to Prevent it – 2016
Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by the dengue virus.Symptoms typically begin three to fourteen days after infection. This may include a high fever, headache, vomiting, muscle and joint pains, and a characteristic skin rash.

Health-Another Health Unit in Sundarbans – Aug-2016
Please support for the cause. Doctors and health personnel who desire to participate in the medical camp may contact Sri Arun Sen, Sundarban Sramajibee Haspatal (mobile: 848-202-2990)

(grown without using any insecticides and no GMO)
‘Bishmukto Hat’, Phones: 900-752-6611 / 9163884822 / 983-004-4943,

Krishi Chakra of Sundarban Sramajibee Haspatal
Ph: 915-376-5161; 973-268-0554
Also ‘Prakritik’, Jadavpur,  Biswajit Roy: 943-388-8231

Health – Tea garden – Oct 2013

Health-Jan 2013

Health – Fluorosis Oct 2013

Health – Nischayjan

Health – NPCDCS Oct 2013

Health – Nutrition-Cereals and Pulses Oct 2013

Health – Policy and Primary Health Care Oct 2013

Health – Population Control Oct 2013

Health – Present Situation and our Programmes and Demands – Jan-2013


Dr. Binayak Sen Lectures

Click above for the acceptance speech of Gwangju Prize, Lectures on Heath and Nutrition and also Health and Human Rights


Nischay Jan

A informative article on “Sure Vehicle” for  people under BPL category and “Maternity Vehicle” for pregnant women by Gautam Mridha



Good Institutes for Eye Care

In our last meeting with activists and sympathizers of ‘Swasthya Siksha Unnayan’, some of our friends from North Bengal have suggested to publish names and addresses of the institutes where common people get proper treatment with cheap or reasonable rate instead of spoiling their precious money to ‘dishonest treatment nexus’.

You know that ‘Sramajibee Hospitals’ located at Belur, Srirampur, Sarberia, Ukhra, Ranaghat and Kopai; ‘Sramajibee Swasthya Udyog’ at Chengail; ‘Vaskar Rao Jana Swasthya Committee’ at Agarpara; ‘Amader Haspatal’ at Chatna; ‘Bhalopahar Dispensary’ at Bandwan etc. pro-people initiatives are going on. Here I am discussing on treatment of very sensitive eye related problems and diseases.

In pursuance of popular model of ‘Sankar Netralaya’, Chennai and ‘Arvind Eye Care System’, Madurai, different Eye Hospitals are established with all modern facilities under a single roof. ‘Disha’s experiment was successful at Barackpore, after that, it spread all over the state. ‘Susruta’, ‘Silverline’, ‘Netralay’, ‘Priyanbada Birla Eye Hospital’ etc. are coming up. Most of them are corporate type. ‘Dr. Nihar Munshi Foundation’ etc. shared large clienteles from upper-middle class section. RIO and other Medical Colleges have advanced facilities and superb experts but they remain overcrowded, shabby and patient–unfriendly. Here I am naming three institutes who are working with reputation on patient care and satisfaction.

Eye Care & Research Centre (Biplabi Niketan)
12 A, Dr. Biresh Guha Street, Park Circus, Kolkata – 700017
Phone: 22872809, 22906843

Established under leadership of our respected teacher and a great social worker, Prof. Dr. Ranabir Mukherjee and now catering services to the needy patients under leadership of famous Eye Surgeon Dr. Sumit Chowdhury.

Citizens Eye & Health Care
153/ 1 N. S. Avenue, Serampore, Near Station, Hooghly, Pin: 26520007
Phone: 26520070

An excellent set up which was established under leadership of noted Eye Surgeon and social worker Lt. Col. Dr. Saurav Sanyal.

Vivekananda Mission Ashram Eye Hospital
Vill – Chandi, Near Amtala, South 24 Parganas
Phone: 3224286221/6891/6081

A modern and spacious eye hospital with all facilities including six massive OTs like Arvind Eye Care System is catering service to the people with free of cost or with nominal charge under leadership of Sree Vivek Maharaj and Dr. Sil. Their main centre is located at Chaitanyapur, Haldia. Orbis International, Govt. of India and others are donors to this centre.

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