New health unit in Bali Island

Jun 19, 2016, Please come to Bali Island, Block Gosaba, District South 24 Parganas, West Bengal for inauguration of a new health unit.

Sundarban Sramajibee Haspatal, would like to venture to serve the people of the remote and challenged Bali Island, Sundarban, the last human inhabited island in between rivers Vidya, Gomor and Durgaduyani south to Gosaba town, by developing a small sustainable unit there at Birajanagar involving trained local volunteers. You are cordially invited and requested to support the cause by any mean.

Direction: Kolkata to Gadkhali Ghat by bus or other vehicles or up to Canning by train and then up to Gadkhali by bus or other vehicle. From Gadkhali to Bali by boat or Gadkhali to Gosaba by ferry boat then vano, ferry boat and vano.

Contact: Sri Arun Sen, Ph: 09732680554